Everything you need to know about Rapport London

Since being developed in the 17th century, watches have helped to propel society into a more productive version of itself. They are found on the wrists of business people, pilots, stock brokers, members of the military for very good reason, keeping schedules in order and timing on point. Beyond their function, their symbols of style and fashion too. Models, designers, and celebrities all don statement time pieces as a means of expressing themselves, complimenting their exquisite clothing and unique tastes.

For over 120 years, Rapport London has recognised the importance of watches. Founded in 1898 by an energetic young horologist by the name of Maurice A Rapport, what initially started as a small business built on passion has evolved into a household name in clockmaking and horology, not only in England but around the world.

Now into our fourth generation of Rapport leadership, our founding philosophy of innovation, quality and service, technological innovation, and customer care continue to guide every business decision and radiate throughout every product. Such qualities don’t happen overnight, but come about through perseverance, an expert understanding of our market and customer, and the flexibility and bravery to try new things. Whilst tradition guides much of what we do, our eyes are always fixed on what the future holds.

Every product has been designed to reflect our penchant for style. Only the finest materials are considered, guaranteeing every one of our accessories, winders, boxes and more continue to provide protection whilst pleasing the eye. Finished to the highest standard that you have come to expect, we are confident that everything we create is the ultimate in horology and made exclusively for the connoisseur of fine products.

Formula Watch WinderOur incredible, loyal customers are at the very heart of all of what we do. Understanding what you want and the importance of creating products that enable you to continue to celebrate your passion for horology drives our design and innovation. Your lifestyles are the catalyst behind our thinking, calling for us to create the products that we do.

Watch boxes give you a safe storage option to protect and display your favourite pieces. We’ve developed watch winders to ensure that every automatic watch you own continues to tick in time, helping you to keep up with your schedule. Our watch rolls enable you to travel in style without having to worry about the safety of your wrist wear.

Alongside our watch specific accessories, we have a number of luxurious products for your other passions and interests. Our humidors hold your finest cigars, allowing you to relax and unwind with a perfect havana, panatela, or belvedere. Much like our watch rolls, our jewellery trunks and boxes have been designed for your time on the move, housing your favourite pieces whilst in transit.

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